12:37pmEST- Man Claims Resemblence To *NSYNC's Bass Led To Murder

6:06pmEST- Nsync is reviewed for their Bee-Gee's Medly @ the Grammys.

6:27pmEST- Justin to present @ Grammys.

*NSYNC added to
list of Grammy performers

Making the Video: "Rock Your Body"

Justin and Christina
CONFIRM plans for Summer tour!!

Coverage on Justin's
22nd bday bash!
Video here

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Justin to Appear in The Face Magazine, look under latest images to find the cover, and to find out more about the magazines's release date!!


Justin at NBA All Star Game, and Read to Achive Game captions here too. Full credit: jcchasez.nu
9:34pm EST Here is an image of jC roaming the crowd @ the super bowl! 4:44pmEST Here are 5 Images of Justin leaving Radio 1...I'm not sure of the date, but I'm checking around. If you know the date lemme know what it is! thanks!

9:44pm EST Very good quiality RS scans.

NEW! - I finally go the RS magazine, and got the transcript. Read and see all the images from the issue here!

8:29pm EST Images from the AMAs on Monday! I got these images from jcchasez.nu so FULL credit to them!!!! [thanks!] 5:16pmEST Here are very very nice images from Justin and Nelly's new video for "Work It" [Justin cracks me up...what a wanna-be pimp! haha]